Monday, September 26, 2011

Covered in Drool

Monday has never been my favorite day. It usually marks the end of a weekend that went by too fast and the beginning of another long week. I had a few changes with my work schedule and today was the first Monday in quite a while where I had absolutely no commitments. No work, no private lessons, no doctor’s appointments. A completely free day to spend with Hudson. After this morning I may have to change my tune about Mondays. Hudson woke up a little later than usual. An extra half hour of sleep is pretty precious around these parts. The little guy is working on tooth number 11 (it is mostly through) and I am pretty sure tooth number 12 will be here very soon. Those pesky top teeth he is working on are big and has resulted in me having a drool monster. Hudson was super snuggly this morning and I could not be happier. Of course I feel bad about his mouth bothering him but I still can’t get enough of the cuddle time (normally he is just on the move). While snuggling with Hudson and watching Mickey Mouse Club House (it was even a new episode) I noticed how my shirt was beginning to be covered in drool. It was one of those very unglamorous mom moments. Of course Monday tried to rear its ugly head and the UPS man came to the door at that moment. But I didn’t care that the UPS man saw me come to the door still in my pajamas, hair unbrushed and shirt soaking with baby drool. I really think that the UPS people see it all. I was happy to get the package and go back to hanging out with the little man. It was a pretty great Monday morning.

On another note, Hudson will be 16 months old tomorrow. Here is a view into life with a 16 month old boy. Hudson is fascinated with trucks, cars, and most recently trains. We were pulling up to the zoo on Saturday and he started saying, “Choo Choo” over and over. Every time that train came around, it had Hudson’s full attention and he made sure we all saw and heard it. Jon got Hudson a little train set (from Ikea) that he thought we would save for Christmas. Every time Hud says Choo Choo I watch Jon as he debates in his mind if he should just go ahead and get it out already. I have no doubts that Hudson will be playing with it by the end of the week. Hudson is walking so much lately which also means he is falling more. He is figuring out his limits. He is also trying out some new moves where he leans over and puts his head on the ground. We are pretty sure he is trying to get an early start with breakdancing..

Anyway, I hope that you can find some joy in the midst of a Monday.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Mama Comes First

Well folks the time has come to put myself first. I love hanging out with my little guy. He is hilarious and a walking machine these days. He also gives sweet sloppy kisses on the lips now, so cute. As much as I love being a mom, I also love to create. I really like making things for other people. I started screen printing on onesies because I wanted to give thoughtful, unique gifts to my friends. For a long time I have wanted to put my artwork up online for the masses. I have been making work and selling it to a few dedicated customers, most of whom are related to me. I feel like I have some really great products and I love to make them. I have watched as other people have been successful online and kept telling myself that I should give it a try. I have decided to stop dragging my feet and put myself out there. I have been trying to take advantage of little pockets of time and get some work done. It is a little tricky to find time when you have a little guy who is getting into everything. Last week I launched my site! I also made my first sale, thanks Laura you’re the best! The plan is to continue to put things up as I make them. I hope that everyone will take a look around my shop and buy something they love. So please check it out: