Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Holy Molars!

So the little man is working awfully hard to get his first molar in. I am crossing my fingers that he is just getting one and that it is not a pair. He had a bit of a breakdown at dinner which resulted in him having a popsicle for dinner. The popsicle and a dose of baby tylenol did the trick and he perked up to do some walking while throwing some balls before we started the bedtime routine. Before the popsicle we had tried all the other teething tricks. The frozen teether was thrown on the floor, the wet washcloth was good for a couple minutes, and chomping on an ice cube quieted him down for a bit. He ate about five bites of his dinner but was miserable. That tooth is a doozy! The last few nights Hud has woken up in the night. The first night at 4:45, the next at 3:45 and last night at 2:45. Not the best pattern. I will be happy when this tooth stops giving us trouble and will be cursing when another starts peeking through.

On another note, Hudson is getting so brave and was walking so much today. He is figuring out how to turn around and feels more confident just standing on his own. I had a meeting today and when I came home he had decided today was a good day to be bold. That or my sister must have been having him do walking drills while I was away. Either way I am so proud. I also love that he has been blowing some kisses now. Pretty adorable. When he went to grandpa’s yesterday I said goodbye and blew him a kiss and he immediately did one back. Pretty awesome sendoff.

Action shot of Hudson walking while throwing his ball.

Future shot put star?

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