Saturday, November 19, 2011

Big Shoes and Choo Choos

 So this is what is happening at my house these days. Ever since Jon decided to give Hudson 'Soda Box Shoes', he is trying on everyone's shoes. Daddy's shoes are a little too big and Hudson can not walk around by himself. Mommy's shoes are a little better but he still requires help getting around.
 The other thing happening at our house involves trains. This afternoon was a Daddy and Hudson day. I went off to work to teach a couple drawing classes. When I came home I discovered that Hudson and Jon had been hard at work. Jon created a new slide track for the train. The slide track was constructed using a couple of my wrapped paintings, couch cushions and extra pillows. I am realizing that this will be just one of many times where I will come home to see my house rearranged for the sake of a game. I am sure there are a lot worse things I could come home too. I love both of my wild boys.

 The boys playing away.
 Hudson is working on four more teeth so he has been a little under the weather and had a fever. He is a giant drool monster and is still fighting off a cold so his nose is dripping too. The only positive thing with Hudson feeling bad is that he is a snuggle bug with me. I love hearing that little guy call me mama and will appreciate all the cuddle time I can get no matter if that means I am covered with drool and snot. There is nothing better than snuggling with this little guy.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Boys will be boys

This picture gives you a lot of insight into my life with my boys. The night started out with Hudson pulling all the soda cans out of the mountain dew box. He then tried to stand in the box. So Jon gets the idea to convince Hudson to wear two boxes as shoes. Picture Jon walking around with the boxes on his feet first, while Hudson is laughing. Then Jon putting these "shoes" on Hudson and helping him walk around the house in them. Hudson gets the hang of it pretty quickly. Jon keeps talking about Hudson's new shoes so Hudson then goes and gets his coat. -When we are getting ready to leave the house we always say, "Where are your shoes Hudson? We have to put your shoes on if we are going to go."- So then we have Hudson walking with his box shoes on and his coat on. He then goes into our room and decides to switch games to the sleeping game. I go into the room to see Jon has helped Hudson into our bed and he is tucked in right alongside his soda boxes. And that is a pretty typical night at the Wiles house. Two wild boys having a great time.   

Artist Showcase

 This last weekend my friend Laura was nice enough to host an artist showcase at her house. That basically means that she did all the hard work of inviting people, making snacks, and I got to show up and sell my stuff. I have been a bit of a mad scientist preparing for this event. I got slightly obsessed with a couple of new drawings and screen printed them on everything. I love having a deadline because it forces me to make time to work on my artwork. I was doing last minute things down to the wire. Thankfully I have a great sister who stayed up late the night before and helped label and package all my goods. Everything turned out great and it was an awesome afternoon. Every "starving artist" needs a friend like Laura. I always joke that her house is my gallery. She has been nice enough to buy work from me for several rooms in her house. Now if you are reading this and wondering how you can get your hands on some of these awesome items, you are in luck! I am going to have an open house on Sunday at my house to see if I can sell a few more things before they end up online.

 New Card packs
 Delicious snacks
The littles ready to welcome the guests

Monday, September 26, 2011

Covered in Drool

Monday has never been my favorite day. It usually marks the end of a weekend that went by too fast and the beginning of another long week. I had a few changes with my work schedule and today was the first Monday in quite a while where I had absolutely no commitments. No work, no private lessons, no doctor’s appointments. A completely free day to spend with Hudson. After this morning I may have to change my tune about Mondays. Hudson woke up a little later than usual. An extra half hour of sleep is pretty precious around these parts. The little guy is working on tooth number 11 (it is mostly through) and I am pretty sure tooth number 12 will be here very soon. Those pesky top teeth he is working on are big and has resulted in me having a drool monster. Hudson was super snuggly this morning and I could not be happier. Of course I feel bad about his mouth bothering him but I still can’t get enough of the cuddle time (normally he is just on the move). While snuggling with Hudson and watching Mickey Mouse Club House (it was even a new episode) I noticed how my shirt was beginning to be covered in drool. It was one of those very unglamorous mom moments. Of course Monday tried to rear its ugly head and the UPS man came to the door at that moment. But I didn’t care that the UPS man saw me come to the door still in my pajamas, hair unbrushed and shirt soaking with baby drool. I really think that the UPS people see it all. I was happy to get the package and go back to hanging out with the little man. It was a pretty great Monday morning.

On another note, Hudson will be 16 months old tomorrow. Here is a view into life with a 16 month old boy. Hudson is fascinated with trucks, cars, and most recently trains. We were pulling up to the zoo on Saturday and he started saying, “Choo Choo” over and over. Every time that train came around, it had Hudson’s full attention and he made sure we all saw and heard it. Jon got Hudson a little train set (from Ikea) that he thought we would save for Christmas. Every time Hud says Choo Choo I watch Jon as he debates in his mind if he should just go ahead and get it out already. I have no doubts that Hudson will be playing with it by the end of the week. Hudson is walking so much lately which also means he is falling more. He is figuring out his limits. He is also trying out some new moves where he leans over and puts his head on the ground. We are pretty sure he is trying to get an early start with breakdancing..

Anyway, I hope that you can find some joy in the midst of a Monday.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Mama Comes First

Well folks the time has come to put myself first. I love hanging out with my little guy. He is hilarious and a walking machine these days. He also gives sweet sloppy kisses on the lips now, so cute. As much as I love being a mom, I also love to create. I really like making things for other people. I started screen printing on onesies because I wanted to give thoughtful, unique gifts to my friends. For a long time I have wanted to put my artwork up online for the masses. I have been making work and selling it to a few dedicated customers, most of whom are related to me. I feel like I have some really great products and I love to make them. I have watched as other people have been successful online and kept telling myself that I should give it a try. I have decided to stop dragging my feet and put myself out there. I have been trying to take advantage of little pockets of time and get some work done. It is a little tricky to find time when you have a little guy who is getting into everything. Last week I launched my site! I also made my first sale, thanks Laura you’re the best! The plan is to continue to put things up as I make them. I hope that everyone will take a look around my shop and buy something they love. So please check it out:

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Holy Molars!

So the little man is working awfully hard to get his first molar in. I am crossing my fingers that he is just getting one and that it is not a pair. He had a bit of a breakdown at dinner which resulted in him having a popsicle for dinner. The popsicle and a dose of baby tylenol did the trick and he perked up to do some walking while throwing some balls before we started the bedtime routine. Before the popsicle we had tried all the other teething tricks. The frozen teether was thrown on the floor, the wet washcloth was good for a couple minutes, and chomping on an ice cube quieted him down for a bit. He ate about five bites of his dinner but was miserable. That tooth is a doozy! The last few nights Hud has woken up in the night. The first night at 4:45, the next at 3:45 and last night at 2:45. Not the best pattern. I will be happy when this tooth stops giving us trouble and will be cursing when another starts peeking through.

On another note, Hudson is getting so brave and was walking so much today. He is figuring out how to turn around and feels more confident just standing on his own. I had a meeting today and when I came home he had decided today was a good day to be bold. That or my sister must have been having him do walking drills while I was away. Either way I am so proud. I also love that he has been blowing some kisses now. Pretty adorable. When he went to grandpa’s yesterday I said goodbye and blew him a kiss and he immediately did one back. Pretty awesome sendoff.

Action shot of Hudson walking while throwing his ball.

Future shot put star?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Party like a one year old!

This past weekend we went to a Hello Kitty Birthday Party for a cutie little birthday girl. There is a lot of excitement that goes into a one year old birthday bash. The first birthday party celebrates a little one who has changed rapidly before your eyes over a year’s time. So many things happen in that first year. The year is packed full of so many firsts: first smile, first laugh, first time rolling over, crawling, standing, first words… The list goes on. So the party is the time to celebrate everything that has happened. At Hudson’s airplane themed party we were surrounded by friends and family who had walked alongside us over the past year. This Hello Kitty Party was the same. We were all excited to focus on the sweet Ella Jane. She was a pro at opening her presents, well at least those that had tissue paper to grab.

It made me start thinking about how awesome it would be if we celebrated everyone in our lives the way we do with one-year olds. I love to see people truly celebrated and acknowledged. My birthday is quickly approaching and I have already been celebrating. I have been thinking about all the things that have happened over the past year. I am ready to turn the big 28 and I am excited to get this next year started. I think some new adventures are in store for me. I am planning on celebrating like a one-year old this Saturday. I am going to surround myself with some great people (my family). I plan to do some pampering or at least take a long shower, snuggle with my men (Jon and the little walkin’ man Hud), maybe a little shopping and definitely some delicious food. Who knows I may eat cake with my hands and make a big mess!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Thank Goodness for Yo Gabba Gabba

Do you not know this Yo Gabba Gabba I speak of? I will let you in on my shocking secret: I allow my 14-month old to watch television. I know, I know, the horrors! So lets move past the judgment part where you are thinking I am rotting my kids brain and I will let you in on the magical thing that is Yo Gabba Gabba. This show on Nick Jr. saves me some days. When the opening music starts and my son starts to feel the music and starts his shoulders shaking, I take a deep breath. I know that I have at least five minutes to do anything I want. I can actually load or unload the dishwasher without the help a little munchkin throwing all the silverware on the floor. I can go to the bathroom and not fear what kind of disaster I might come to find a minute later. Yo Gabba Gabba is a completely weird show with DJ Lance and some toys that become real and learn dancey dances. There is something about the show that just draws my son in and captures his full attention at least for a little while. You would realize how incredible this is if you understood that at all other times of the day my little guy is on the move. If he is awake he is getting into everything. That means I am always on the move. So when you have five delicious minutes to yourself, it is AWESOME! Jon has joked that he is going to be DJ Lance for Halloween and just the thought of that makes me want to start laughing. Anyway, if you have a little music lover like I do, you should check this show out.

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Little Entertainer

So this morning was a bit on the rough side, so I thought I would round things out with a little lighter post. Tonight at dinner my sister brought over KFC. Hudson really wanted to hold the bucket. We emptied it out and gave it to him. He proceeded to put all of his little bites of food in it. Every once in a while he would take a few bites back out and eat them. Then he decided to dump all the bites on his head. Of course we all laughed so he just kept putting the bucket on his head. It was hilarious. He always manages to entertain us. Another funny thing he is doing lately is trying to drink the water while in the tub. He just laps it up like a puppy. The last few days he has been saying hi constantly and waving. We love that little guy, bucket head and all.