Monday, November 7, 2011

Boys will be boys

This picture gives you a lot of insight into my life with my boys. The night started out with Hudson pulling all the soda cans out of the mountain dew box. He then tried to stand in the box. So Jon gets the idea to convince Hudson to wear two boxes as shoes. Picture Jon walking around with the boxes on his feet first, while Hudson is laughing. Then Jon putting these "shoes" on Hudson and helping him walk around the house in them. Hudson gets the hang of it pretty quickly. Jon keeps talking about Hudson's new shoes so Hudson then goes and gets his coat. -When we are getting ready to leave the house we always say, "Where are your shoes Hudson? We have to put your shoes on if we are going to go."- So then we have Hudson walking with his box shoes on and his coat on. He then goes into our room and decides to switch games to the sleeping game. I go into the room to see Jon has helped Hudson into our bed and he is tucked in right alongside his soda boxes. And that is a pretty typical night at the Wiles house. Two wild boys having a great time.   

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